Curvy Kate Shockwave Bikini (32J/14)

Hope everyone is having a lovely holidays!

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are right in the middle of summer and I’ve been visiting my family in beautiful (and scorching hot) Melbourne. I have been dying to try out my new Curvy Kate “Shockwave” bikini I received six months ago as a prize in a competition on the Curvy Kate Instagram page. So on my first day in Melbourne it was a delicious 30 degrees Celsius and off to the beach we went!


As I said before, I won this bikini from a little contest on the Curvy Kate instagram page where we were asked to say something we loved about our bodies to enter. Curvy Kate is already my favourite brand of lingerie judging by my underwear drawer, but I also love the company and their attitude about self love and representing women of all shapes and sizes as models. You should check out their annual model search, Star in a Bra, and even enter yourself! I enter every year just because it’s so much fun.


I received the bikini in my size – 32J for the top and 14 for the bottoms. The fit is extremely comfortable as the bikini is padded all over. I felt totally supported and I do sometimes wear this bikini just as a normal bra, it’s that supportive! According to the Curvy Kate website, the underwire bikini top is the same cut as the fantastic Daily Boost bra (which I also love, however I feel the Daily Boost is more shallow than this bikini). The bottoms were super cute and flattering with a little frilly skirt detail and the 14s were very comfortable on my 43 inch hips – I felt I could have possibly sized down to a 12, though the leg holes may have been a bit tight then.


Though I didn’t notice while I wore it, the cups do seem to cut in slightly on my bust, so maybe I should have gone up a cup size as I’m quite full all over and fairly projected. I also noticed in these photos, but not while wearing it, that the clasp at the back twists around as you can see below. It also seemed to ride up slightly at the back, so I *possibly* might benefit from a 30 back instead, as it’s very stretchy. However I’m pretty sure the 32 was the smallest that was going to fit me with my 32 inch ribcage. While wearing it, I felt absolutely comfortable and supported, and as it’s a bikini I wouldn’t be too fussy about an absolute perfect fit anyway.


The bottoms as I said are super cute, though I did notice them rolling down slightly at the waist hem. I’m not sure why they do this, but I love love love high waisted bikini bottoms so I wish CK would release some of those in this Shockwave print! (Hint hint.)

You can get the Shockwave in ruffled skirted briefs like mine, or in an adjustable shorts brief style.


Speaking of the print, it’s not usually my colour but I absolutely love how it looks on my skin and with my red hair. I feel that even though it’s super bright, it would go with any skin tone or hair colour. If electric blue and lime green isn’t your thing, it also comes in a gorgeous red and purple sunset colourway.


If a padded underwire bikini isn’t your style, you can also get the Shockwave in a halterneck or a tankini as well.


Overall, I really REALLY love this bikini. The quality of construction, the colour, the support it gives me and the flattering cut makes me feel like a million bucks as I’m lounging around on the beach or splashing in the water. And I think that should be the end goal of all bikinis.

Thanks Curvy Kate!


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