The Collectif Clothing Marlene Swing Trench Coat

I discovered the UK based brand Collectif Clothing at the start of this year after reading reviews about their boob-friendly Dolores Doll dresses from CurvyWordy and Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. I’m a bit of a cheapskate and the New Zealand dollar isn’t so great compared with the UK pound so imagine my delight when I discovered that Collectif have an eBay store which functions as a sort of outlet store for their products.

I had had my eye on their Deitrich swing coat for a while but the colours just weren’t grabbing me. When I shop for clothing, I either must have it, or I don’t want it at all. However, after browsing the eBay store, I noticed a very similar coat – the Marlene – for sale for an absolute bargain. The Marlene is cut to the same pattern as the Deitrich, but made of a shower-proof polyester material. There were two colours available, a baby pink and a beautiful green. With a few minutes of humming and haaing and checking the size chart, I snapped up the green Marlene in a size 14. It took just over a week to arrive and I have to say I have been wearing it every day since. Auckland winters are fairly mild but very rainy, so a light, showerproof coat like this is absolutely perfect. I imagine if you lived in a cooler climate it would make a great Autumn or Spring coat. My boyfriend and I took a trip to the gorgeous Hamilton Gardens this weekend and it was a great opportunity to take some photos for this review.P1100858

According to the size chart, the 14 should have been comfortable over my bust and a little roomy over my waist (I am 40-30-44 for reference) however the bust was very tight. You can see this in a couple of my photos where the button is straining a bit! If I could, I would have gone for a 16, but the 14 was the only size available. Keep in mind that you will want to wear this over layers so size up generously, especially if you have a large bust. It does have a belt, so roominess on the waist isn’t really an issue. I am short, 5’2″, and this comes a few inches below my knees – a very flattering length for me.P1100841


The eBay listing mentioned that some buyers had had issues with the belt buckle. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but sure enough the first time I wore it, the prong on the buckle came off. In the few months I’ve been wearing the coat daily, the prongs have also come off the buckles on both sleeves. This is probably why the coat was so cheap on the outlet store, and I actually don’t mind too much as it does tend to hold its place and functions like a slide belt. I think now Collectif have re-released the Marlene coat in a new colourway (Maritime Navy), they will have fixed the buckle issue. Everywhere else the coat is impeccable quality, and I especially love the black quilted lining.P1100832

The collar of the coat is designed so you can wear it folded down, like I do here, or if it’s a particularly cold or windy day you can button it up high on your neck which is a life saver on those particularly freezing days. Nobody likes frozen boobs!


The structure of the coat is fantastic. I don’t wear petticoats but it holds a gorgeous full shape, giving the impression I have a petticoat underneath. It’s roomy enough that you could wear a full circle skirt or dress with a petticoat underneath if you wanted to. In these pictures I am wearing a Dolores Doll dress which has a full circle skirt and it covers it beautifully, with just a hint of my dress hem underneath.P1100815

The back has a pleat which may be good for you if you have broad shoulders. I do find my movement is very slightly restricted in the coat in terms of reaching above my shoulder height, but in my experience every coat I’ve ever worn is like that so no complaints here!P1100773

Overall, I love this coat and get a ton of wear out of it, and I am almost sad that it will be too warm to wear it soon. You can find it on the Collectif website in the stunning navy Maritime colourway which has gorgeous white piping. I will be keeping an eye out for this one to go on sale because it is just beautiful!

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Collectif Marlene Swing Trench Coat £145.00


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