Panache Sport – Underwire Sports Bra

Brand: Panache Sport

Price: NZD$95.00 at Avokado; prices vary from other retailers

For years I was very hesitant to do much of any kind of exercise, besides my usual dancing or low-impact exercise such as yoga. This was primarily because of my boobs. They are heavy and without a lot of support, they really hurt if I try and do anything strenuous like running! So I avoided proper exercise most of the time, or if it was unavoidable, I wore a tight bra and three tops that were two sizes too small to hold me down. That worked okay, but it was uncomfortable and hot.

I had been lusting over the Panache Sport underwired bra for a long time – not only had I heard positive reviews from fellow busty women but it looked so pretty too! However, at the price of NZ$95.00 at my favourite local lingerie store Avokado, I was hesitant. Although Avokado are very happy to do exchanges, I was still iffy about the bra actually working well on a large bust like mine.

Grey Panache Sport from

As it happens, I have a wonderful boyfriend who knows my bra obsession all too well, and one day I came home from class and there, sitting on the living room table, was a beautiful Panache Sport in the gorgeous grey colourway (it reminds me of the cube from Portal!). I will admit, it wasn’t entirely a surprise as he asked me what size I would take in the bra before he sneakily ordered it from Avokado, but how sweet is that!

Since I am normally a 32J (10J), I got the bra in a 34H (12H) as currently the bra only goes to H cup. Theoretically, the cups should have been nearish in volume with a slightly bigger band. However, as soon as I tried it on I knew this size wasn’t going to work out. The band closed on the tightest hooks immediately and there was a huge gap in the top of the cups, which surprised me as it should have really been a little small in the cup since it wasn’t a perfect sister size.

Thankfully, after a few emails with the super star ladies at Avokado and one trip into the store to try on a few different sizes, I had in my hands a beautiful 32H (10H) Panache Sport that felt like a dream.

Panache Sport in Magenta Spot, 32H

Although I had originally wanted the grey colourway, the ladies at Avokado mentioned the magenta was limited edition which swayed me. Plus it’s so bright and cheerful, I couldn’t resist!

As for the fit, I would say the band is true to size but the cups run about a size large. Normally in a 32H I would be spilling out the top but this was a pretty good fit. It isn’t perfect – the wires are not quite wide enough for me and the gore doesn’t fully tack, but it holds me down and I can run without feeling anything moving which is a very unfamiliar but welcome sensation!

The Panache Sport is padded nearly everywhere. The straps, the cups, the wires are all padded which makes it incredibly comfortable. I wear this bra around the house on weekends even if I’m not doing any exercise. It doesn’t flatten your chest nor does it give you pointy boobs, and if you are full on top you may get a moderate amount of cleavage but it isn’t too bad at all in my opinion.


A really nifty feature which really adds to the support is the “J clip” on the straps. This allows you to convert the bra into a racerback. The racerback option increases the support a lot but it does put some pressure on my neck so I only use this for when I’m running.

P1100343 (2)P1100348-2

As you can see, the band is very firm but this is absolutely necessary in a sports bra, and the band is wide with three sturdy hooks so it’s very comfortable.

The material doesn’t get drenched when you sweat (and sweat you should) and the great thing about underwires means it separates your breasts so you don’t get the dreaded cleavage sweat!

Something I also find appealing about this bra is how well it works under ordinary clothes, which means I can get away with wearing it to work sometimes. Keep it mind it is cut quite high and is padded so you wouldn’t be able to wear this under a low cut top or one with thin material. Under a t-shirt however it looks great.


The Panache Sport underwire bra comes in a range of colours. I have shown here the grey and magenta, but it also comes in black, white, purple and many other limited edition prints and colours. You can get one for every day of the week!

The bra also has matching bottoms in the form of shorts or briefs, however I have not tried these myself as they are a little expensive.

Overall, the Panache Sport Underwire is a fantastic sports bra for busty women. I run in this bra, I dance in this bra, I lounge around my house in this bra. I do wish the range extended past an H cup, however I have recently heard from Lingerie Insight that Panache will be introducing up to J cup in these bras – hooray!

Thanks for reading!

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